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3rd Annual ITR Conference 2023

Join us for the 3rd Annual ITR Conference! August 19th, 9-4pm CT (5CEs with NBCC and pending approval with WVSWB)

  • Learn new skills!
  • Get the updates!
  • Connect with the Community!
  • Earn 5 CEs with NBCC

We look forward to seeing you.


~The Neuroscience Behind ITR: Why ITR Works

~The Graphic Narrative: Memory Reconsolidation

~ ITR with Children

~ ITR with Children with Autism and Attachment

~ITR with First Responders

~ITR and Psychedelics

~ITR Outcomes

~FEATS Overview

~Setting Up a Successful Private Practice

What People Are Saying:

Resolve the trauma and see what’s left. Trauma is easy to treat and it doesn’t take years to do it. Instinctual Trauma Response® is a novel method developed by Dr. Louis Tinnin (psychiatrist) and his wife, Dr. Linda Gantt (art therapist). The approach draws from a range of evidence-based and promising practices and methodologies (i.e. art therapy, EMDR, CBT, narrative therapy and parts therapy) However, what makes ITR innovative is the way in which the holistic method is prescribed and how “ITR works with the brain, the way the brain works.”