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Reboot (Recertification)

2-hour private call.

Dates: By Appointment Only -  Enter your date suggestions in the "Reboot Call Date Suggestions" Field before you purchase. 

ITR Certifications are good for 2 years from the certificate date. Do private virtual training with an ITR Instructor. The instructor will be able to answer any questions or clarify confusion and make sure you are fully competent in administering ITR with fidelity to the model.

Course Description:

We are excited to have you complete your "Reboot” with your ITR certification! 
This is an extensive look at your skills in ITR to determine your certification level. You may use any handouts you use with a client.
Before the call review the ITR Checklist. To pass you must be prepared with:
1. An understanding of the use of assessments. Be able to explain how you would administer which assessments and when. 
2. Explain grounding and several techniques you use with clients. Be able to show a safe place drawing that is completed and walk the trainer through the explanation of the rules for creating it.  
3. Give a full explanation of ITR psychoeducation and the science behind it.  You can use the ITR workbook or any handouts you normally use.
4. Define True Self and Parts. Show a Part’s map and describe the interaction of True Self and Hurt Parts and what ITR aims at achieving with parts work.
5. Explain how to create Externalized Dialogue® and present 2 successful Externalized Dialogue writings or recordings. One Unidentified/Guided and one Identified/UnGuided.
6. Have a timeline and be able to explain how you help a client create their timeline and code it.
7. Explain how to create a Graphic Narrative®.
8. Present a Simple Story (one full ITR).
9.  Present an Extended Story (Same event with multiple ITR aspects).
10. Present a Chapter Story. (Multiple events over a long period of time - Complex PTSD story).