$897.00 USD

Add Live/Virtual Cohort Sessions and Consultation Calls

This is for those who registered for the ATC 102/103 Self Paced Video Courses but now want to go on and get ITR-Certified®

The instructor will lead a learner through the ITR protocol including preparing a person to do trauma work, Graphic Narrative, and Externalized Dialogue.

This will give you the ability to work with traumas of all kinds and give people relief and recovery from the troubling symptoms of trauma.

What you'll get:

  • Access to ATC 102 and 103 videos for life
  • 8 hours of live/virtual cohort sessions (2 hours a week for 4 weeks). Chose the dates on checkout.
  • 10 Peer Group 50-minute Consultation Calls and one private exit call
  • 6 months Free access to the HelpForTrauma.app web app

 **ITR does not regulate how someone uses their skills. Each person must know their state laws.

8 CEs with NBCC and WV SWB