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"ITR changes everything!", many providers say. Trauma is a major public health problem, yet many therapists and other professionals have not been trained in recognizing or treating it. We can be your partner with ITR Certifed Training™.

Dr. Linda Gantt, a well-known art therapist, and researcher, and her late husband Dr. Louis Tinnin, a psychiatrist, worked with trauma survivors of all ages. They condensed over 3 decades of clinical and hospital experiences into the  Certified ITR Training. ITR is a full toolset designed to assist you in freeing people from the chains of the past, helping them live in the present, and thriving in the future! This will change mental health and survivor results once and for all. They need you to get what is going on with them and help them fix it! 

Resolve the TRAUMAS and see what's left!   

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Explore our online courses as well as our live training and webinars that are available on-demand and you can sign up anytime.


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Join one of our bi-weekly one-hour group calls, do your re-certification call or get private consultations to review case studies and answer questions about practicing ITR.

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

Our mission is to make the world trauma-effective and parts-informed and help ITR providers succeed in freeing people from the chains of the past. 

ITR is available to anyone wanting to learn and we offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you don't find the course you purchased completely satisfying.

The ITR Training Institute teaches Instinctual Trauma Response®. We have found with over 35 years of actual clinical results that ITR is an effective and simple approach to resolving trauma.  The ITR tool kit consists of everything a provider needs to succeed at trauma recovery with their clients, including the well-known Graphic Narrative™ and Externalized Dialogue™.

We want to partner with our ITR members and change the mental health field forever! 

Where do I start?

If you are a parent or professional wanting to understand trauma better we recommend starting with the free webinar below. then maybe a free course. If you are a mental health advocate or clinician we recommend the Accelerated Traumatology Course (ATC) 101.

Contact us through email or phone to discuss payment options. 800-214-0403


ITR Announces New Web-App

We are proud to announce the new ITR App that replaces the Beta App so many have helped us with. You can still access the Old HFT Beta App Link so you can download any work you wish to keep.
We will keep the old HFT Beta App open until July 31 for the transfer of information. We pre-launched the new ITR App (check the website menu)
One Month Free for Everyone! $99/year for Specialists and only $49/year for the clients they invite.

Please download any work you wish to keep.  We will keep the HFT Beta App open until July 31, 2021 Thank you for your great assistance in helping us make an app for you. We hope you enjoy working on the new ITR App! 

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Our Free Courses

No pre-requisites or special certifications required.

FREE WEBINAR: What is Trauma

Learn about trauma, how we are all wired to have an Instinctual Trauma Response, and how to resolve it with ITR.”

FREE COURSE: Parents of Foster or Adoptive Children

Learn how trauma affects children and their behaviors. Understand how to work with them and how to help reduce stress in the family. This course is very helpful for ANY caregiver dealing with a trauma survivor. 


FREE COURSE: Educators 

This course was designed for all kinds of educators to learn how to identify trauma in children, create safe spaces, and ideas to help ground a child and keep the other children safe.


I love ITR. I think it will revolutionize mental health and trauma treatment. I think everyone should be trained in the ITR model. It’s effective. it’s quick, but most of all it reduces trauma symptoms and that’s what we want, these children and these adults to have healthy, happy lives."

- Danni Davis, LCSW, CCSOT, CITRI

The Instinctual Trauma Response And Dual-Brain Dynamics

(Drs. Tinnin and Gantt's book in paperback)


Instinctual Trauma Response®

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