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The ITR Web-App is accessible from any browser but works best using Chrome or Fire-Fox. We still recommend using it on a computer or tablet for the best experience. 

"It really does enhance the virtual experience. Most of my clients love it!" Caitlyn Schultz, LCSW, ITR-CTT


 The ITR Web-App makes ITR accessible to everyone. It is a great way to guide a person through the ITR trauma recovery program with all of the work secure and at your fingertips. It also allows for a much better virtual environment.

All Users: One Month Free and $49/year

Bulk Discounts Available in Specialist Accounts.

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The ITR App is a highly secure HIPAA-compliant healthcare platform.  
 All data is secured in transit using 256-bit AES encryption and SSL technology, which is the same level of encryption used by healthcare and financial institutions when transmitting secure information, and the US government when transmitting secret information. 
Secure HTTPS endpoints are used whenever transmitting the information. and an encrypted database, which provides encryption of all data at rest.

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The ITR App is Yours!

Dr Tinnin and Gantt designed the ITR app for accessibility and enhanced virtual sessions.

They believed functional individuals could use ITR successfully on their own.  Many people prefer some guidance but after that, they are empowered to do their own work when needed.



The new ITR App drawing section was designed for simplicity.

The story section record and playback mode is very user friendly.

The ITR method helps clients address the effects of harm produced by trauma and stop the negative effects from continuing. It’s a a trauma treatment approach that honors the whole person."

- Christy Pagels, LPC, ATR-BC, CTT

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