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ITR's mission is to empower people to do their own trauma recovery work and end any troubling trauma symptoms.

Free people from the chains of the past, to live in the present, and thrive in the future.

 Resolve the trauma and see what’s left. Trauma is easy to treat and it doesn’t take years to do it.

Instinctual Trauma Response® is a novel method developed by Dr. Louis Tinnin (psychiatrist) and his wife, Dr. Linda Gantt (art therapist). The approach draws from a range of evidence-based and promising practices and methodologies (i.e. art therapy, EMDR, CBT, narrative therapy and parts therapy) However, what makes ITR innovative is the way in which the holistic method is prescribed and how “ITR works with the brain, the way the brain works.”

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Become an ITR Certified® Trauma Specialist (licensed) or Coach in less than 6 months!


Learn to heal traumas of all kinds, even preverbal and complex trauma, with one protocol. ITR is a simple and effective approach to trauma resolution. This certification will change your practice and your life!  

Licensed mental health practitioners are ITR Certified® Trauma Specialists. 

Get certified as a para-professional and help the therapists. Become an ITR Certified® Trauma Coach.

We will do anything we can to ensure your success with ITR.

"A rising tide lifts all boats." John F. Kennedy

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Hybrid Video Lessons with Live Consultations


Most ITR courses are becoming hybrid (video lessons with private and group live consultation calls). Our commitment is to help a learner be confident in using ITR in the field.

In 2024 we will offer an ITR Intensive Retreat where ITR Practitioners can practice and be somewhere beautiful!

More course design is underway to bring you a slew of new trainings including:

Advanced Psychoeducation - Chelsey

First Responders and Military – Chelsey

Global/Community Trauma - Chelsey,

Emergency Trauma Response Team using ITR - Erica

Cultural Competency for First Responders – Danni, Erica

2-hour ATC 101 - Danni, Erica

ITR Assessments – Danni

ITR Group - Danni

ITR Clean for Children – Chelsey, Pam, Zandy

Global/Community Traumas- Chelsey

ITR for Couples- Chelsey

Children: Autism & Attachment – Pam

ITR for Children with Sexual Problems – Danni

How to Open and Operate a Successful ITR Intensive Clinic - Zandy


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Online Self-Paced Courses

Take advantage of the free and paid courses for teachers, professionals, caretakers, and mental health providers working with traumatized people. Learn about the FEATS assessment tool and how to assess using a "Person Picking an Apple From the Tree".

Learn how Dr. Gantt ran successful ITR groups with veterans.  See the classic "ITR For Military and First Responders".

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ITR® Certifications

Licensed mental health practitioners when completed Level 3 become an ITR Certified® Trauma Specialists (ITR-CTS). 

Para-professionals wanting to help become an ITR Certified® Trauma Coach.

Learners who are trainers at the top level and have mastered all the courses are considered ITR-Certified® Traumatologist (ITR-CT).

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Consultation Calls

Consultation calls consist of private or group calls.

The Level 2 calls include two private calls.

The Level 3 (and above) are 10 peer group 50-minute calls and one private exit call.

Another set of peer group calls can be renewed or a year-long unlimited 103 consultation call package is available.

Private individual or team consultation calls are also available in 30- or 60-minute sessions or packages of calls. These are useful for specific case consultations or private tutoring.

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Monthly Live ITR® Webinars

Dates: Free webinars are on the first Tuesday of every month. 6:30-7:30 pm Central Time

Discuss current issues in the trauma field and solutions with ITR. For more information click below.

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