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Become an ITR Trained Trauma Specialist in 6 months!


Learn to heal traumas of all kinds, even preverbal and complex trauma. This certification will change your practice and your change your life!  We invest $200 in your certification with the Specialist's bundle savings. 

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Live Experiential Courses


Most ITR courses are live and experiential. Our commitment is to help a learner be confident in using ITR in the field. The scheduled courses are held virtually for your convenience. Agencies and groups of 6 or more can arrange for private in-person courses. 

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Online Courses

Take advantage of the free and paid courses for teachers, professionals, caretakers, and mental health providers working with traumatized people. More Level 3 courses are being designed for 2023.

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ITR Certifications

Get certified as an ITR Trauma Specialist, Counselor, or Therapist. Check out what is needed to be "ITR Certified®."

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Consultation Calls

Sign up for the bi-weekly 102 or advanced 103 consultation calls. Private individual or team consultation calls are also available in 30- or 60-minute sessions. These are useful for specific case consultations or private tutoring.

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Monthly Live ITR® Webinars

Dates: Free webinars are on the first Tuesday of every month. 6:30-7:30 pm Central Time

Discuss current issues in the trauma field and solutions with ITR. Subjects: Traumatic Grief, Fixed States, Legacy Trauma, Gender Issues, and more.  For more information click below.

Join us in the fight for effective mental health! Become an ITR Partner and get access to the webinar library for FREE!

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