Do Your Own Work!

For ITR Level 3+ Learners 

ITR Training Institute offers private experiential work for ITR learners studying Level 3+.

Learn how to implement ITR by experiencing doing your own work with a trainer and a level 3 trainee who will be taking notes for you and acting as a compassionate witness. 

Use your timeline and complete some of your own work.

A 9-hour course is scheduled with the trainer.

This allows a learner to focus on their specific area of need. 

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Private Consultation Call


30 minute Private Call

Make it short! Get help with questions you have about using advanced ITR with a client. Many questions can be handled in a half-hour but we will keep it at 30 minutes sharp, so if you want more time please respect the Instructor and get the 50-minute call!

These special consultations are available for any Level 2 ITR learner or above.

 These calls are by appointment only. Please specify what you want to discuss.

72 hour cancellation Policy. No Refunds. 


Private Consultation Call (Also Used for Additional Exit or Reboot Call)


50-Minute Private Call

Get help with questions you have about using advanced ITR with a client. This is a private one-to-one client consultation and it can be coupled with the 30-minute consult for 90 minutes at this discounted professional rate.

These special consultations are available for any Level 2 ITR learner or above.

 These calls are by appointment only. Please specify what you want to discuss.

72 hour cancellation Policy. No Refunds. 


Private Call Bundle


Bundle Four 50-Minute Calls

Get one-to-one consultation using ITR in private practice or agency work. These consultations can be used for help on specific cases or as a training tutorial.  

These calls are available for any Level 3 ITR learners. 

 These calls are by appointment only. Please specify what you want to discuss. You can request an instructor.

72 hour cancellation Policy. No Refunds. 


Peer Group Consultation Calls


Ten 103 Group Calls

10 peer group consultation calls and a private exit call. This offer is if someone wants to join the consultation calls for ITR-Certification or add on 10 additional group consultation calls

If you need to do another exit call that would be a 30- or 50-minute private consultation that can also be purchased separately in the above offers.

Calls are every Wed 12:00 -12:50 ET on Zoom

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Unlimited 103 Peer Group Consult Calls for 1 2 months


50 minute Calls

Get the continued support you need to work with complex and compound PTSD cases. This is perfect for anyone in private practice that wants to be connected with a group of peers, keep learning, and get case consultation.

"Being on the weekly group consultation calls has revolutionized my practice and helped me so much. It's great to stay connected with the ITR team of practitioners changing the world!" ~ Jeanne Gorecki, LCSW-C

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Consultation Call Information


 Level 102/103   Consultation Calls:

These calls are not considered supervision. They are to assist a person in facilitating ITR with Simple and Complex Trauma.

The Peer Group Consultation Calls consist of 10 group 50-minute calls and a final 50-minute exit call to prove competency using ITR with complex trauma.

Once the ATC 102 is completed a student will be added to the email list and can participate in the calls. They have 6 months to complete 10 calls. 2 of those calls are to be used to present a case.The best practice is to do your first presentation within the first 5 calls.

Email [email protected] to signup to present a case.

During or after the 10 calls a student can register for 30- or 50-minute private consultations calls or join the ITR Pro Partnership.

After the 10 calls are completed, a student can register for another round of 10 calls or register for unlimited 12 months of calls can be added for more support.

Calls are 12:00-12:50 am Eastern Time Every Wednesday on Zoom (some holiday exceptions).

Reminder emails are sent out on the Monday before the call with the presenters listed. 

A Learner Confidentiality Agreement must be signed once before joining the Peer Group Consultation Calls.


A learner has the opportunity to discuss and present ITR Implementation for at least 2 cases (one can be simple and the other complex). Send in a filled out checklist BEFORE you present to let the trainer know what you will be presenting,

This presentation includes:

  • The person's brief history (timeline),
  • Pre-assessments done (e.g.DRS, ACES. TAS, IES, etc), 
  • Graphic Narrative® 
  • Externalized Dialogue®  Unnamed/Guided (written, audio, or video recorded)
  • Post-assessments (e.g.IES, TAS, DRS, etc)
  • Any relevant materials (e.g.Parts Maps or Parts Drawn or Clay Parts)

Level 103 Exit Call (50-minutes). A learner MUST present the full checklist with a new COMPLEX Story and Externalized Dialogue.

  • Show your ability to work with a client and implement the ITR psychoeducation and protocol effectively.
  • Facilitate a full ITR program session from start to finish as if doing it with a client. 

Successful completion of the final exit call will deem someone an ITR Certified® Trauma Specialist or Trauma Recovery Technician.

If you fail the final exit call you must purchase a new 50-minute consultation call. This can be as many times as needed.

Call Policies:

All Calls must be completed within 6 months of the end of the ATC 102 Course.

48-hour cancellation policy for presentations or you will forfeit the chance to do it again.


1. Be prepared: Do not sign up to present until you have it finished and the checklist filled out.

2. Be responsible: If you are in your home NO CHILDREN or others should be present to hear or see these calls. Please be aware this material is confidential and can be triggering.

3. Be courteous: Video on. Be muted. Raise your digital hand if you have a question at the end of the presentation.  Participate and practice active listening skills.

4. Get practice:   Practice immediately after the course to get the best results. The ITR Community has a place to seek out peer-to-peer connections for doing this practice work on this website. Please work with a colleague or any individual who is stable, has support, and is open to processing something complex

I love ITR. I think it will revolutionize mental health and trauma treatment. I think everyone should be trained in the ITR model. It’s effective. it’s quick, but most of all it reduces trauma symptoms and that’s what we want, these children and these adults to have healthy, happy lives."

- Danni Davis, LCSW, CCSOT, CITRI

Instinctual Trauma Response®

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