Consultation Calls


10 Group and 2 Private Calls (1 half hour and 1 hour exit call)

Join the ITR ongoing group consultation calls. Level 2 calls are every other Wed at 10-11am CT and 6:30-7:30pm CT. This is the final step in becoming an ITR Certified Trauma Specialist. Anyone can add a second round of calls for $279  by using this link.


Private Call



If you have a few questions or want some tutorial work get one-to-one consultation. An ITR Instructor is available to help you. These are available for any Level 2 ITR Practitioner. 


These calls are by appointment only. You can specify an instructor. 


Private Call



Make it short! Get one-on-one consultation using ITR in private practice or agency work. These consultations can be used for help on specific cases or as a training tutorial. Most questions can be handled in a half hour. :)


These calls are by appointment only. You can specify and instructor.


Group Consultation Calls

Level 2:  One-hour group calls are hosted bi-weekly by an ITR Instructor These calls allow the learner to review case studies, get questions answered and present their work to the group. These 10 calls must be completed within 9 months from sign-up. They are designed to help learners advance quickly in their skill level and be comfortable with resolving any trauma. The learner must present:

1. One set of assessments scored and interpreted

2. One Psychoed explanation with handouts

3. One explanation and example of grounding and Safe Place 

4. One explanation and sample of the Timeline

5. A sample of a Parts Map, with True-Self and Parts explained

6. Two samples of simple Graphic Narratives

7. Two samples of Unidentified/Guided Externalized Dialogues

The presentations have to be approved by an instructor to count. Use the checklist to be certain you have included all the elements. Keep these stories simple. No Chapter Stories are to be used for this requirement.

 The exit call requires a learner to explain and demonstrate all of the 1-7 listed above.  

A learner must show competency in facilitating ITR to demonstrate they are confident with the process and are able to keep fidelity to the ITR model. Learning objectives are:

  • Show your ability to work with a client and apply the ITR “clean" tasks effectively.
  • Facilitate a full ITR program session from start to finish as if doing it with a client.

Successful completion of this final step results in your becoming a Level 2 ITR Certified Trauma Specialist (ITR-CTS)

The certification is good for 2 years.

This package of Consultation Calls is $399.


If you miss a Wednesday call it's understandable. Just come back when you can. Pick any time that works for you.

Level 3 Advanced Consultation Calls:

When: 10 am CT on Every other Wednesday (some holiday exceptions).

We will send out reminder emails but please schedule these dates.

The Advanced Consultation Calls consists of 10 group calls and a 1-hour exit call.  This allows the learner to participate in advanced discussion and present at least 2 full complex trauma events to prove advanced comprehension of ITR. 


1. Be prepared: Do not sign up to present a Graphic Narrative or Externalized Dialogue until you have checked your work with the ITR checklist. Presentations will not pass unless they fit all the areas addressed in that list. Please bring an appropriate story.

Sexual abuse stories must be approved before the presentation.

The instructor will stop any representation they feel is inappropriate or off track.

A. Completed some assessments and know what they mean (agency-required assessments are accepted if you can not administer the ITR recommended assessments). 

B. Have completed a Graphic Narrative™ (have a re-presentation written out or recorded).

C. Have completed an Externalized Dialogue™ according to ITR Clean Checklist. 

2. Be courteous: If you are not "present" on the consultation calls you will be warned and then removed from the call if it continues.  This includes the video off, moving on and off the screen, talking to others a lot off-screen, or looking down or away most of the call. That call will not be counted but will be deducted from your total and you will have to pay $75 for a 30-minute private consultation call to replace the missed call. 

3. Be responsible: Please be aware this material can be triggering. Know how to ground yourself and please keep the calls private. If you are in your home. NO CHILDREN or others should be present to hear or see these calls.

4. Get practice: You can do your own work or work with any individual who wishes to address an overwhelming or traumatic event. These do not have to be individuals you see at work. Practice right away after the courses to get the best results. The ITR Community has a place to seek out peer-to-peer connections for doing this practice work. 

I love ITR. I think it will revolutionize mental health and trauma treatment. I think everyone should be trained in the ITR model. It’s effective. it’s quick, but most of all it reduces trauma symptoms and that’s what we want, these children and these adults to have healthy, happy lives."

- Danni Davis, LCSW, CCSOT, CITRI

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