Annual ITR® Conference

Join us virtually for the first annual ITR Conference and join the Mental Health Emancipation Movement!  Gather together with the ITR founder, Dr. Linda Gantt, and many other ITR enthusiasts who are changing mental health and freeing people from trauma. 

Aug 20 6p-8pm CT and Aug 21 9:30am-6:30pm CT 



$99 Until July 31, 2021 then $199

(6 CEs for NBCC and pending approval with NASW)


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August 20 6pm-8pm CT Meet and Greet

Aug 21 9:30am-6:00p CT (with an hour lunch and two 15 minute break)

Event Description:

We will be gathering with ITR Specialists and supporters who are making great gains in the trauma field.

On Friday evening we will have everyone do their introduction. On Saturday we will have Dr. Gantt, a panel of ITR Intensive therapists, and guest speakers going over a variety of important subjects. There will be personal experiences shared as well as interactive activities conducted in order to grow your own knowledge of the ITR process and working with different populations.


Learning Objectives:

Each participant will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about new ITR tools and techniques to use with different populations
  • Develop your ITR skills learning from different instructors in different subjects
  • Ask specific questions related to your practice.

Speaker Line Up: (20 minutes each with 10 minute Q and A)

  • Dr. Linda Gantt: ITR’s History and ITR’s Future with Practice-Based Evidence
  • Chelsey and Ryan Morrow: Advanced PsychoEducation and the Brain
  • Iryna Natalusko: Legacy/Collective Trauma and the Graphic Narrative/ITR
  • Danni Davis: Advances in the Porn and Sex Abuse Arena
  • Melisa Baker: ITR Life Transitional Coaching
  • Client/Advocate/Educator: Jolene Philo
  • Client/Advocate/Educators: Shelly Beach and Wanda Sanchez
  • Chelsey Marrow: Parts and Externalized Dialogue Advanced
  • Brittany Laffitte: Children
  • Cait Schultz: Family and Group
  • Mary Carlson: New ITR App and ITR Tools
  • Panel Discussion: Dr. Gantt, Brittany Laffitte, Danni Davis, Chelsey Marrow, Cait Schultz