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In-person training can be scheduled privately with groups of 10 or more. Call us 800-214-0403 for more info.

 ITR Training Institute, Inc. has been approved by the National Board of Certified Counselors as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP number for NBCC,#6272 .  Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified.  ITR Training Institute is solely responsible for all aspects of the program.   

Programs approved by the National Association of Social Workers are notated on each course.


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ITR® Live 101 and  102 Training 

For questions call 800-214-0403

Accelerated Traumatology Course 101 Live Virtual (1-Day)

Trauma is an epidemic and no one escapes it. Trauma affects us in many different ways. This course is an introduction to ITR and teaches you how to recognize, assess, and deal with PTSD in a trauma-effective way with ITR knowledge, skills, language, and attitude. This course is the prerequisite to all other ITR courses.  It is essential for caregivers, educators, school counselors, first responders, support staff, social workers in any position, and mental health professionals.

This course is on Zoom or can be scheduled in person for groups 20+. It comes with a copy of the ITR ATC/PSP manual. $399 (Agency group discounts may apply.)

Dates/Times 9am - 5pm CT,  March 10 or May 12, 2023

6.5 CE hours with NBCC (This activity is pending approval from the National Association of Social Workers.)

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The ATC 101/ITR Peer Support Program is available for groups 20+ in person. Request proposal for pricing.

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Accelerated Traumatology Course (ATC) 102 Live  

There is an in-person option for agencies. 

ATC 101 is required for this course. 

This course is on Zoom or can be scheduled in person. It is the second step to becoming an ITR Certified Trauma Therapist or Practitioner and is considered Level 2 ITR-Trained.

This course is primarily experiential using the skills of the ATC 101.  Learners will experience and practice the two basic ITR tasks Graphic Narrative®, and Externalized Dialogue ®. The participants play the role of the facilitator, client, and observer. They will gain interactive experience using the full ITR and be able to use the skills right away in their practice. Each participant will receive individual instruction and get questions answered in relation to their work in the trauma field. $997

Level 2 Consultation Calls are needed to complete this level before moving onto Level 3 and ITR Certification.

Zoom 2-Day: 9am-5:30pm CT (14 CEs NBCC and pending approval with NASW)
 March 30-31, or June 22-23, 2023

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Save $300 when you also register for the ATC 103 and all Consultation Calls!

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Refresher Course Live 1-Day (Zoom)

This course is for ITR Certified Trauma Therapists that were certified AFTER catch up on any new innovations with ITR and re-certify after their 2- year certification.   6 hours $399 (6.0 CEs NBCC and NASW)

Dates/Times (9 am-4:30 pm CT) May 19 or Oct 6, 2023

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Any ITR-CTT certified before 2020 must take the ATC 102 and ATC 103 with consultation calls. 

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Reboot Call (Re-certification)

The Reboot call is conducted to test a previously ITR Certified Trauma Specialist, Therapist, or Practitioner in their competency with using ITR. 

An ITR Certification is good for 2 years.

This is a private call (up to 120 minutes) with an instructor. There are requirements and work needed to present at the call. 

Update certification as an ITR-TTS, ITR-CTT or ITR-CTP


Dates: By Appointment Only - (fill out Contact Us form or call 800-214-0403)

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ITR Webinars

ITR offers 1-hour webinars on the first Tuesday of the month. Learn how to use ITR with a wide variety of current and timely subjects. There are open discussions following them.  ITR Partners have access to the webinar library. 


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3rd ITR Annual Conference 2023

Join us for the 3rd Annual ITR Conference.  Gather together
with the ITR founder, Dr. Linda Gantt, and many other ITR
enthusiasts who are changing mental health and freeing
people from trauma.

(6 CEs for NBCC and approval pending for NASW) August 11th, 6-8 pm CT and 12th, 2023 9am-4:30pm CT 
$299.00 USD 

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ITR® Live 103 Training

For questions call 800-214-0403

Accelerated Traumatology Course (ATC) 103 Live 2-Day on Zoom

This is the 3rd part of the ATC 3-part training. Expand your skills beyond the ATC 102 and gain confidence in working with complex and compound trauma. This course will guide you in working with CPTSD and compound trauma that went on for long periods of time with "Chapter Stores". You will learn a variety of ways to utilize Externalized Dialogue with any population and situation. Become an ITR-Certified Trauma Therapist or Practioner.

This course can be scheduled in person for agencies for 6+ people and combined with the ATC 102 for a total of 4 days.

14 hours $997 

Dates/Times 9 am-5:30 pm CT  Feb 23-24, or April 20-21, or July 13-14, 2023

(14.0 CEs NBCC and NASW)

SAVE $100 Now! Add 103 Group Peer Consultation Calls to Fully Certify 

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Advanced ITR Group Work 103

Anyone leading a group will see results by adding ITR skills to the experience. Learn how to bring excitement and interaction into any group and see recovery in action.

4.5 hours $299
(4.5 CEs NBCC and NASW)

Dates/Times 9 am-3:00 pm CT  March 17, 2023

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ITR Follow-Up Life Coaching/Tools Course 103

Learn how to help clients transition from the past chains of trauma to live in the present and create a life they design. Develop the skill to help people grow in emotional intelligence and thrive.  Stay tuned!

TBA in 2023

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Advanced ITR with Children and Families 103

Trauma is a family affair. This course is essential for anyone working with children. Learn ITR skills for this population including play therapy techniques.  Working with children and their families is needed for a child's and the family's full recovery. 6 hours $499 


TBA in 2023


(6.0 CEs NBCC and this activity is pending approval from the National Association of Social Workers.)

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Advanced ITR with Couples 103

It's all about trauma. ITR is a fantastic intervention to use with couples or anyone with relationship issues. Working with couples is very rewarding and partnering with a colleague can grow your business. 6 hours $499



TBA in 2023


(6.0 CEs NBCC and this activity is pending approval from the National Association of Social Workers.)

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Intensive Observation 103

This is a must-do investment for any counselor or therapist wanting to do intensive ITR programs. The learner sits in on a real intensive with a client who is happy to get the discount off their sessions! :) Watch and participate in the client's program.  $599 20 hours (20 hours NBCC)
Dates: By appointment only Call 800-214-0403 or email [email protected]

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Save $200: Use the Level 2 TRAINED TRAUMA SPECIALIST BUNDLE  Including ATC 101 and 102 with 10 Group Consultation Calls and 1-hour Private Exit Call. Become an ITR Trained Trauma Specialist. Click Here


Save $300: Use the Level 2 and 3 ITR ITR Certification Bundle including ATC 102 and 103 with 20 Group Consultation Calls and 2 Private 1-hour Exit Calls. Become an ITR Certified Trauma Therapist or Practioner. Click Here


Save $400: Use the Full Level 2 and 3 ITR Certification Bundle including ATC 101, 102, and 103 with 20 Group Consultation Calls and 2 Private 1-hour Exit Calls. Become an ITR-Certified Trauma Therapist or Practitioner. Click Here


ITR is Trauma-Effective for Adults and Children

What else is different about ITR?

Treatment time to success– hours vs years: Unlike many other psychodynamic approaches, processing a single traumatic event can happen quickly, even in as little as one session.
Integrates seamlessly with other therapeutic models: Regardless of your psychodynamic or psychoanalytic approach, ITR adapts to become part of your process. is also available to team up with providers to do intensive work with qualified clients.
Can be used with both children and adults: This method can be applied to clients as young as 3 – or 93.
With over 40 years of clinical experience helping individuals dealing with trauma and other mental health challenges, psychiatrist Dr. Lou Tinnin and art therapist Dr. Linda Gantt developed and tested the approach in their practices. Dr. Linda Gantt now focuses on training the next generation of therapists to help their clients resolve trauma and improve their lives. Study to become a trainer with ITR.

ITR Training Institute is the only licensed ITR training organization. Intellectual Property, trademark, copyright, and licensing rules apply. 



"My training with ITR has been a wonderful experience. Dr. Tinnin and Dr. Gantt have built upon their vision for years.   Their trauma work is validated by years of research and practice across the spectrum.  The trainers are outstanding and there is a community of ongoing support for the participants. I would absolutely recommend this process for anyone interested in helping in the healing of trauma." 

~Susan Smoot, LCMHC, ITR-CTS

Instinctual Trauma Response®

Learn how to apply ITR to your practice. Discuss opportunities with our staff. Contact us today. 800-214-0403